fall Following are a few points to consider when creating a landscape design for Calgary rural acreages and properties.

Functionality of your yard

Drawing a plan of current and proposed future land use may reveal problems and solutions. Consider the ease of mowing the grass. Single trees can become a nuisance whereas a group of trees is easier to maneuver around. A row of Colorado Blue Spruce will trap snow which is good for increasing the soil moisture but can increase your chores if it lands on your driveway.

Visually Acceptable Result

Staking the location of each tree helps give a visual of the proposed planting. Look at the planting from the public view as well as from your personal viewpoints. It should enhance the public view of your home as well as meet your personal objectives.

Spruce Tree Spacing

35 year old Colorado Blue Spruce in the Airdrie area can reach a height of 40 feet and spread 15 feet in diameter. The spacing you chose to plant the trees will depend on the purpose. To form an immediate screen the trees can be planted close together and thinned out in the future.