Special Offer

Currently I have 2 groups of 10 trees that I am offering at $125 each plus moving costs. Each group includes a variety of lighter branched trees as shown in the bottom picture and heavier branched trees such as in the top photograph. The average height is around 9 feet. There are some shorter trees and some taller trees within each group.

Also, there are several 16 foot spruce available for $175 each plus moving costs. These large caliper trees require a 70 or 90 inch truck mounted spade, which increases the moving cost.

Our Colorado Blue Spruce

(Picea Pungens Glauca)
The seed source is Kaibab which produces a high percentage of blue colored trees. All of the trees are locally grown in the field from three year old transplants. Natural growth rates are a result of the dry land farming practice on clay loam soils North of Calgary Alberta.

Our Guarantee

for trees sold at regular price is to provide a replacement or a cash refund for the spruce that fail to survive one year after the date of planting. The customer will be responsible for the costs of transplanting.